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Turnkey features to meet your software customisation needs

Software development service

Beyond our range of professional tablet software, Script & Go offers a bespoke software development service for specific applications.

Custom software is developed in close collaboration with clients and after observing their “business habits”, our expert mobility developers are able to develop detailed specifications and develop custom applications, aligned with client needs.

Stylus input

The uptake of mobile digital solutions is the underlying motivation behind all Script & Go products. Sylus input can work in any environment. Thanks to handwritting recognition technology, preparing documents has never been so straight forward and this will soon be accompanied by voice recognition.

Reception form

The receiving form component has features that will allow you to manage all the information related to the successful receipt of your project, from the property information to the delivery report.

Reporting capability

The reporting capability illustrates how Script & Go facilitates document digitisation, enabling you to write as if you were on a paper, if needed, through use stylus and handwritting recognition technology and to maintain communication flows with those you are collborating with. From information collected, you can generate and customise reports in multiple formats, control project progress and manage tasks with ease.

Defect report

The defect module allows you to establish the evolution of your project and follow each other’s work to optimize your organization and be more efficient.

Coordination and Synchronisation

The coordination and work monitoring component is an essential module for improving your productivity. Do not let any flaws go by and follow exactly every step of the project’s progress.
Synchronization tools between different tablets and a database

Data Administration

The data administration component includes all the functions of administration and sharing of information collected using the other modules. It allows to manage, synchronize and store data.


Module allowing the input of different types of information (plans, diagrams electrical, plumbing, etc.) that can be adaptable to customer needs and grouped all under one tree. All your construction documents at your fingertips and accessible offline.


Integration of annotation tools