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Script&Go : Digital construction press review

Faced with productivity shortcomings encountered across all business sectors, and particularly in construction and real estate (poor communication, lack of collaboration with teams on and off the field, duplication of reporting mechanisms and unsustainability, defect management and ensuing high levels of worker stress), Script&Go has set itself a goal. It...

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Script&Go attends 3 UK construction events : Ecobuild, ConSIG, COMIT

This month Script&Go had the pleasure of attending three UK construction events in London to develop its understanding of the current issues facing the UK construction industry. This included attending and reporting from the second day of the annual 3 day CPD accredited “ecobuild” (#ecobuild) event that attracted 25,400 visitors. It was held at...

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The productivity dilemma facing UK housing associations today

UK housing associations are generally charitable, non-profit making organisations. They provide low-cost social, or affordable housing (including houses in multiple-occupation). According to the NHF, they create 29% of new housing in England. Although independent they are state regulated and often publicly funded. They may act as developers and/or clients and even contractors and...

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The productivity conundrum facing UK house builders today

UK construction stakeholders face a productivity conundrum, with multiple challenges and opportunities at stake. This was highlighted in our recent article “Key UK productivity challenges and opportunities.” UK house builders do not escape unscathed by productivity issues during the widely acknowledged current UK ‘housing crisis’. UK house builders vary from...

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Key Canadian construction productivity challenges and opportunities

All business sectors have challenges to and opportunities for improving productivity. This is the second of a series of articles that assess those concerns affecting the construction sector in different countries and relates to Canadian construction. It aims to inform and present the case for change and of improving productivity...

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Key UK construction productivity challenges and opportunities

Across the world business sectors have multiple challenges and opportunities relating to productivity improvement. Here Script&Go assesses these concerns relating to the UK construction sector, presenting the UK construction productivity challenges and opportunities and it’s response to it. The UK construction industry has faced challenges in improving it’s productivity for...

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