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Site Diary

A professional site journal app

Site Diary can help mitigate the risk of a future claim by replacing your paper-based site journals with a digital solution for high quality structured site data capture and auditing. Useful to construction managers and site managers, the application allows you to assign tasks to individual workers, capture and log site data (record important site detail such as manpower, equipment, weather conditions and incidents) and produce professional reports.

Your mobilised site crews will see significant improvements in site management by saving at least an hour of site reporting time daily.

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A Site Diary Community

Join the 900 companies that already use our app. From the craftsman to the large companies to the project manager or owner, you also revolutionize your site management.

Key features

Progress and site management in real time

View updates for all members of your team in real time. When an employee present in the field creates an event, it is synchronized with all the people assigned to the site, whether they use the application or the back office. Project managers can manage these events from the back office or application.

Customizing tasks and stakeholders

With Site Diary, you can add and customize tasks and stakeholder types from the back office. You will be able to select these tasks and speakers when creating a new event on the application.

Add photos to your reports in one click

You can attach images to each event you create.

Local weather report

Each time an event is created, a weather report automatically synchronizes with the day and time the event is created.

Reports and reviews in one click

Write your daily reports and site reports very easily. Share your PDF reports via email in seconds.

Not network? Site Diary remains accessible !

We know that WiFi networks can be unstable in mobility and that all employees do not have 4G / 3G access on their smartphone. That’s why we’ve made Site Diary available for offline use.

Feel free to enquire to learn more about how you can increase the quality of your construction management process through our mobile construction management solution or simply start a free trial.