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How to choose construction management software

Choosing the right construction management software is not always the easiest task for an organisation. The construction and infrastructure sector has specific constraints that need appropriate responses. Here are a few tips to help you with your choice. Defining your needs to have a construction management software Before choosing your...

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BatiScript 1.12 update : managing defect lists on tablets

Discover the new features of the Montage module, including an ergonomic invitation manager to solicit collaborators and to provide feedbacks on project plans. Now give your employees access to different features per project. The entire BatiScript team is at your disposal if you would like to know more about BatiScript...

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International Expansion : BatiScript wins Canada

Script&Go, a software developer (tablets) for in the field professionals is consolidating its international expansion with the opening of a branch in Montréal. Script&Go announces the opening of an office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To do so, it is partnering with DevReGy who is a new strategic partner for the sale...

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The evolution of BatiScript Construction Management Software unveiled at BATIMAT 2015

Script&Go continues its commitment to the construction industry and presents a new version of its construction management software “BatiScript” at the Batimat trade show. Appointment: Stand L81 Hall 5B until Friday to test our construction management software! Field workers, site supervisors or architects, the construction sector requires that these professionals be on...

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Improving communication with teams : 4 simple ideas

Improving communication Communication plays an important part in the development of a new project. The key to individual and organisational success and it’s productivity lies in the ability for teams to communicate and critically to have “good communication skills.” Here we suggest ways of improving communication within and between teams....

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