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Mission and corporate vision

Our philosophy of ``caring`` is at the heart of our way of working.

At Script & Go, we regularly question the values that speak to us, those that we share, those that we see us as the client’s … and consequently those that motivate us daily. It is this constant questioning that represents our mission. Script & Go employees share the need to “help” or to feel useful, to make sense … in the company and for its clients.

It may be that it is our culture that is at the heart of what motivates us each day: to act with the for the sake of our clients, to “take care,” as Anglo-Saxons like to say. We are convinced that the success of our projects does not only depend on the means of establishing the collective will to succeed. People at the heart of our projects.

At Script&Go our mission is to facilitate mobile information entry to improve our clients’ productivity, to safely improve the comfort of their mobile workforce and to aim for a paper-free process. Our solutions reveal this desire to our clients daily and it is through them, and thus through their communication in a market that our value is obtained. They respond to our clients’ issues, to their points of “pain.”