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A tablet-based software range designed for fibre optic deployment


Developed in close collaboration with telecom professionals, the FiberScript software range aims to support technicians during their work on site, improve their comfort and  productivity while working on the move.

All notes, plans and photos are centralised within a single tablet application which reduces the number of devices required for a user in the field. The tablet is “hand-in-hand” tool with a single input source for field information (photos, annotations, diagrams, plans, and so on).

From paper to digital

FiberScript software is used to manage all fibre optic deployment projects whether they are horizontal, vertical or aerial.

Key features

Horizontal Deployment

FiberScript enables photos and comments to be added to a room layout and a marker positioned. For each alveoli located, a photo and comment can be entered to an active marker, then alveoli positioned using a grid.

Dematerialize the management of the tubes and cables of the alveoli

Grasp the tubes and cables of the alveoli, as well as their condition, diameter and operator. Also describe the set of tubes (state, diameter, operator, type).

Managing one-click logical masks

Create the necessary logical masks and assign them a destination. Select the cells to be assigned to the previously entered logical masks.

Your technical visit on tablet

Fill in all the information (addresses, contacts, photos) relating to the buildings in which the optical fiber will be deployed. Draw the bottom of the plane or take a picture and then superimpose a layer on which the user traces the path of the optical fiber of the adduction to the subscriber.

Description of a rising column and permissions

Enter the information (number of slots, photos, etc.) of a riser, step by step, and then position the connection points and connections. With FiberScript, apply directly to the field for work permits, piercing, formwork, etc.

Structured data entry

Intuitively enter all information concerning terrain recognition, pole type, and so on. Fill out all sections of a structured form precisely adapated to receive the technical data.

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Cable routing and CAP-TF card supplemented with FiberScript A

Make a note of the cables, indicating their type, destination, lengths and grades. Generate an Excel file that can be interpreted by the CAP-FT software and once the mass calculations have been carried out, the generated files can be supplemented by FiberScript A.