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Timesheet feature released for Site Diary by Script&Go

Script&Go has released a paperless timesheet feature for it’s Site Diary app. This forms part of a range of mobile digital solutions that enables users to improve their productivity. Faced with the long-term shortcomings encountered by employers and managers in their administrative timekeeping workflows, associated with traditional paper-based processes, Script&Go...

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BatiScript 1.12 update : managing defect lists on tablets

Discover the new features of the Montage module, including an ergonomic invitation manager to solicit collaborators and to provide feedbacks on project plans. Now give your employees access to different features per project. The entire BatiScript team is at your disposal if you would like to know more about BatiScript...

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Construction management software : the 1.14 update is full of news

BatiScript – Construction Management Software Every year brings its owns special news. At Script&Go, it’s insolved a major update of our sotware BatiScript. The new version, 1.14, has many improvements but the report module has been extensively redesigned. What is BatiScript? BatiScript is a tablet-based software solution that is perfectly...

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