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Meeting needs for efficient environmental management in construction

Successful delivery of a construction project depends on the sustainability requirements defined in a construction contract. It also depends on the nature and efficiency of an organisation’s environmental management. Project specifications generally define project sustainability requirements and standards and form part of the contract between a client and contractor. The...

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The productivity dilemma facing UK housing associations today

UK housing associations are generally charitable, non-profit making organisations. They provide low-cost social, or affordable housing (including houses in multiple-occupation). According to the NHF, they create 29% of new housing in England. Although independent they are state regulated and often publicly funded. They may act as developers and/or clients and even contractors and...

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The productivity conundrum facing UK house builders today

UK construction stakeholders face a productivity conundrum, with multiple challenges and opportunities at stake. This was highlighted in our recent article “Key UK productivity challenges and opportunities.” UK house builders do not escape unscathed by productivity issues during the widely acknowledged current UK ‘housing crisis’. UK house builders vary from...

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Key Canadian construction productivity challenges and opportunities

All business sectors have challenges to and opportunities for improving productivity. This is the second of a series of articles that assess those concerns affecting the construction sector in different countries and relates to Canadian construction. It aims to inform and present the case for change and of improving productivity...

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Key UK construction productivity challenges and opportunities

Across the world business sectors have multiple challenges and opportunities relating to productivity improvement. Here Script&Go assesses these concerns relating to the UK construction sector, presenting the UK construction productivity challenges and opportunities and it’s response to it. The UK construction industry has faced challenges in improving it’s productivity for...

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The evolution of tablet and smartphone solutions in construction

The evolution of tablet and smartphone solutions focuses largely around the development of software and applications for use with tablets, and more recently, smartphones. As a developer of mobile tablet and smartphone solutions we thought we should share our knowledge of the evolution of our domain with you and reveal Script&Go’s...

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2018 Construction Productivity Trend Forecast

We thought we’d start a new start-of-year habit here at Script&Go by taking stock and evaluating the global trends that are likely to impact the productivity of our construction clients and their personnel in the new year. So here goes for Script&Go’s 2018 Construction Productivity Trend Forecast 1. Leadership style...

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How to choose construction management software

Choosing the right construction management software is not always the easiest task for an organisation. The construction and infrastructure sector has specific constraints that need appropriate responses. Here are a few tips to help you with your choice. Defining your needs to have a construction management software Before choosing your...

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Improving communication with teams : 4 simple ideas

Improving communication Communication plays an important part in the development of a new project. The key to individual and organisational success and it’s productivity lies in the ability for teams to communicate and critically to have “good communication skills.” Here we suggest ways of improving communication within and between teams....

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