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News from Script&Go UK : COMIT membership and event participation

Since Script&Go set foot in the UK earlier in the year, we have attended a variety of national, regional and local industry events in London, the Midlands, the South West and beyond related to the UK construction and infrastructure sector, including a COMIT Community Day. In October we joined delegates at Constructing...

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The evolution of BatiScript Construction Management Software unveiled at BATIMAT 2015

Script&Go continues its commitment to the construction industry and presents a new version of its construction management software “BatiScript” at the Batimat trade show. Appointment: Stand L81 Hall 5B until Friday to test our construction management software! Field workers, site supervisors or architects, the construction sector requires that these professionals be on...

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Improving communication with teams : 4 simple ideas

Improving communication Communication plays an important part in the development of a new project. The key to individual and organisational success and it’s productivity lies in the ability for teams to communicate and critically to have “good communication skills.” Here we suggest ways of improving communication within and between teams....

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How to gain 30 minutes in defects management?

Are you finding yourself spending hours tracking defects and reporting them to the right person? If you are seeking to have a better way to complete your projects on time and under budget, then a better management of defects is a place where you can start. I will show you...

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BatiScript by Script&Go : an innovative solution for quality control

How can you easily improve construction quality (and manage defects)? The need for improved quality is synonymous with the need for improved productivity. Through high quality outcomes, value can be added and productivity gains made. For years, improving construction, assembly or installation quality through defect management (deficiency management or snagging)...

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Construction management software : the 1.14 update is full of news

BatiScript – Construction Management Software Every year brings its owns special news. At Script&Go, it’s insolved a major update of our sotware BatiScript. The new version, 1.14, has many improvements but the report module has been extensively redesigned. What is BatiScript? BatiScript is a tablet-based software solution that is perfectly...

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International: Script&Go meets English professionals

Today, Script&Go presents its site management solutions, BatiScript and Site Diary, in Bath, the United Kingdom, during the business breakfast organised by the Low Carbon South West group. We will also be in Cheltenham in order to meet the construction professionals woking on the John Lewis’ mall site. Our international expansion is...

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Script&Go goes to Batimatech 2017 in Montréal

Script&Go’s team is going to Canada for a few days. Besides the pleasure of meeting our overseas colleagues again this year (as it was last there for the 2016 Digital Opportunities – Québec event), Batimatech 2017 brings us to Montréal this time. The event is organised by SIM5 and consortech on the theme of construction...

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