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Do digital solutions really make you more productive?

There can be little doubt that technology has radically transformed the modern workplace, but not everyone has embraced digital innovation with the same enthusiasm. This reluctance is prevalent in the construction world, where some workers still prefer to stick to tried-and-tested methods on the basis that the newer ones are...

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Meeting needs for efficient environmental management in construction

Successful delivery of a construction project depends on the sustainability requirements defined in a construction contract. It also depends on the nature and efficiency of an organisation’s environmental management. Project specifications generally define project sustainability requirements and standards and form part of the contract between a client and contractor. The...

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Digital construction : “Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive” #COMIT2018

The 2018 COMIT Annual Conference (#COMIT2018), held at the Hallam Conference Centre in central London, attracted 13 speakers, 9 sponsor-exhibitors and over 100 delegates, over the course of two days. The conference theme was “Digital Construction : Lighting the Way” and Script&Go were delighted to participate. Benoît Jeannin addressed an interested audience on the first...

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Script&Go founder Benoît Jeannin to ‘light the way’ at the COMIT Annual Conference

Later this month Script&Go’s founder and CEO, Benôit Jeannin, will address a wide cross-section of construction and IT professionals on the 1st day of the 2-day 2018 COMIT Annual Conference (#COMIT2018) in London. The conference theme is “Digital Construction, Lighting the Way” and Benoît will present the rationale behind Script&Go’s intuitive...

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Script&Go : Digital construction press review

Faced with productivity shortcomings encountered across all business sectors, and particularly in construction and real estate (poor communication, lack of collaboration with teams on and off the field, duplication of reporting mechanisms and unsustainability, defect management and ensuing high levels of worker stress), Script&Go has set itself a goal. It...

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Timesheet feature released for Site Diary by Script&Go

Script&Go has released a paperless timesheet feature for it’s Site Diary app. This forms part of a range of mobile digital solutions that enables users to improve their productivity. Faced with the long-term shortcomings encountered by employers and managers in their administrative timekeeping workflows, associated with traditional paper-based processes, Script&Go...

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