Learn how to improve
construction productivity

Learn how to improve
construction productivity

Digital construction : “Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive” #COMIT2018

The 2018 COMIT Annual Conference (#COMIT2018), held at the Hallam Conference Centre in central London, attracted 13 speakers, 9 sponsor-exhibitors and over 100 delegates, over the course of two days. The conference theme was “Digital Construction : Lighting the Way” and Script&Go were delighted to participate. Benoît Jeannin addressed an interested audience on the first day with his presentation “Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive.” As Script&Go was a conference sponsor, members of our Script&Go’s UK team also exhibited it’s intuitive easy-to-use BatiScript and Site Diary construction management solutions over the course of the two days.

Digital Construction : Lighting the Way

digital construction

The key highlights from the addresses given by the conference co-chairs and 9 speaker presentations are revealed in the event social media Live Blog. Some words from one of the conference’s co-chairs particularly resonated with us : 

  • Co-chair George Holden, Costain said he believes the “creative, small companies will help improve construction productivity. and that despite the fact there is technology, it is a great privilege to be involved in an industry that is fun too.”

No Pain : No Gain ! “Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive.”

digital construction : no pain no gain

Following a recent article published by Digital Construction Week, the presentation “Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive” given by Benoît elaborated further on this theme and highlighted the following :

  • A definition of what Script&Go means by “Digital” and “Mobile”.
  • The historical development of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Intuitive data input methods, including handwriting technology and voice recognition.
  • Construction management challenges
  • The divided marketplace
  • Mobile digitisation benefits
  • Current technological components
  • Work processes Script&Go helps improve
  • How digitisation affects “Productivity”
  • Script&Go key solutions : BatiScript and Site Diary 
  • Script&Go future platform development

The full slide set of Script&Go’s presentation can be viewed SlideShare here >

Script&Go Q&A

Questions asked following the Script&Go presentation via audience engagement via use of the Sli.do app. We answer the top ones here.

  1. “How long does it take to learn your handwriting?”

Our answer : Script&Go’s BatiScript solution continuously “learns” from users’ handwriting through Windows recognition motor. See our support FAQ on this topic.

2. “How would you educate people if there is a language / intellectual barrier in the industry, as it’s one of the most troubled industries for technology applications?”

Our answer : Script&Go seeks to develop it’s solutions, based on users’ existing ‘habits,’ that are intuitive and easy-to-use and therefore usable by all industry stakeholders, regardless of role, language or intellectual capacity. This reduces the need for extensive training of the software and applications. As much as possible, graphical symbols are used as well as country-specific terminology that users are familiar with.

3. “How do you differentiate between ingrained habits/traditions versus what is natural? Not all learned habits are natural.”

Our answer :  By ingrained habits and traditions Script&Go refers principally to ingrained work processes : paper-based processes, using typing for data-entry…and by natural habits, we are referring to writing, speaking, using handwriting recognition, or voice recognition technology…

4. “Once you’ve uploaded the data to the software where is the data that is being stored? What sort of safety systems do you have in place?

Our answer : all data collected through Script&Go solutions is securely stored in accordance with Script&Go’s data protection policy and product terms and conditions.


Script&Go thanks it’s clients, Groupe Lamotte, Groupe Giboire and Costain for providing valuable testimonials and data for this presentation.

You can read more about how Groupe Lamotte and Groupe Giboire benefitted from using our BatiScript digital construction management solution in the property sector to improve not only their productivity but their quality management processes in these user stories >

Continuing collaboration with COMIT and the UK construction and property sector

Script&Go looks forward to continuing collaboration with the COMIT community and others in the UK construction and real estate sector to assist in the necessary digital transformation and productivity improvement of this field to reap multiple quality improvement benefits.

digital construction

Photo © Script&Go : International Marketing Manager, Khaldon Evans (L) and UK Country Manager, Faisal Hamid (R)

You can look out for us at Script&Go at UK Construction Week in Birmingham this Autumn or contact our UK team – at your convenience – to discuss your need for efficient digital construction management solutions, or need to improve your quality assurance or quality control tasks. Or simply try BatiScript or try Site Diary for yourself today.

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