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User mobility and quality control features released for BatiScript 1.17 by Script&Go

Script&Go has released an update of it’s project management software, BatiScript1.17. This forms part of it’s range of mobile digital solutions providing users with enhanced user mobility and quality control to improve their productivity. The aim is to bring users closer to the reality of the field.

The new features of BatiScript 1.17 respond to the in terms of user mobility and quality control shortcomings encountered by project managers in their work processes, thoughout the lifecycle of a project. In particular they repsond to the shortcomings encountered in user management and  progress report creation. The steps taken to achieve this goal have culminated in the release of a BatiScript 1.17 update for enhanced user mobility and quality control. The BatiScript solution remains destined for extensive use to improve productivity and quality across multiple business domains, including construction and infrastructure, real estate, transportation and manufacturing, energy and utilities.

User mobility and quality control feature benefits 

Historically, mobile digital solutions, including project management solutions, are built to eliminate paper-based processes. These unsustainable processes often lead to errors, discrepancies, omissions and inaccuracies through inefficient user management in mobility.

The new version 1.17 of BatiScript by Script&Go has the following additional productivity enhancing and quality control benefits, of particular use for mobile users.

BatiScript :

  • has improved web services, allowing contacts to be imported from Outlook, Thunderbird et Gmail
  • enables professionals to quickly and efficiently retrieve, store, add and customise report data and information while on the go, though real-time synchronisation, and includes improved photo capture and document viewing, module and asset data access.
  • is quick and easy to use and facilitates rapid data transfer from a mobile app or web app to in house or external construction management systems.

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For all enquiries and user feedback on the February 2018 update of the BatiScript 1.17 paperless solution by Script&Go contact our international team.

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