Learn how to improve
construction productivity

Learn how to improve
construction productivity

Script&Go : Digital construction press review

Faced with productivity shortcomings encountered across all business sectors, and particularly in construction and real estate (poor communication, lack of collaboration with teams on and off the field, duplication of reporting mechanisms and unsustainability, defect management and ensuing high levels of worker stress), Script&Go has set itself a goal. It aims to assist professionals with their daily tasks in order to successfully deliver their projects. Construction and real estate professionals in particular need powerful digital construction solutions to use to increase their productivity.

Script&Go provides mobile digital solutions for working with construction and built asset information and data in the field. These are a real alternative to meet the main concerns of the global construction industry today – as revealed in our press review here.

Script&Go – award-winning intuitive software developer

Digital Construction Week : Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive.” : https://www.digitalconstructionweek.com/blog/get-digital-get-mobile-get-productive

PBC Today : “How to improve construction productivity through mobile digital solutions” : https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/planning-construction-news/how-to-improve-construction-productivity-through-mobile-digital-solutions/38162/

BIM Today : May 2018 : https://www.pbctoday.co.uk/news/publications/bim-today-may-2018/41039/

BatiScript – a versatile digital construction management solution by Script&Go

Read the published articles (in French) dedicated to BatiScript below :

AERMQ Revue d’Industrie et Commerce [May April 2018] : http://console.virtualpaper.com/industrie-commerce/revue-avril-mai-2018/#14/





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2018 : “Improving the productivity of the construction and real estate sector through mobile digital solutions”  

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