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BatiScript 1.12 update : managing defect lists on tablets

Discover the new features of the Montage module, including an ergonomic invitation manager to solicit collaborators and to provide feedbacks on project plans.

Now give your employees access to different features per project.

The entire BatiScript team is at your disposal if you would like to know more about BatiScript or take advantage of a free trial version with no obligation for a month!

All the innovations of the work follow-up on tablet with BatiScript, construction management software, version 1.12:


  • Invitation dashboard
  • Remark notes
  • Active filter indicator
  • Rotating and mirroring symbols
  • Fine plots for annotations

Plan Cabinet

  • Scale definition
  • Scale Duplication

Progress Report

  • Urgent Notes
  • New notes in bold

Setting colors for reports


  • User form: Setting colors for report “profile” to “status”
  • New user assignment (user form and job site assignments)
  • Profile Manager
  • Profile Manager and assignments are now connected (Internet connection required)