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Improving communication with teams : 4 simple ideas

Improving communication

Communication plays an important part in the development of a new project. The key to individual and organisational success and it’s productivity lies in the ability for teams to communicate and critically to have “good communication skills.” Here we suggest ways of improving communication within and between teams.

What makes poor communication ?

When individual or team communication has not been properly established, the following type of comment is all too common.

“I/we don’t understand. This is not what was decided during our discussion.”

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already faced this kind of comment at some point in your personal or professional life. You may well ask – why did it happen?

Provided here are four simple ideas to help you improve communication within and between teams. These ideas, or strategies, should allow you to understand what the blocking points to good communication are :

Implement a mobile digital solution

The first step for improving communication is to set up a mobile digital solution that allows key project elements (project drawings, documents, photos and so on) to be readily available for your team to use. This will assist in enabling your project to be achieved to the highest possible quality and lead to improved productivity.

At Script&Go we know, through our clients’ successful use of our BatiScript and Site Diary solutions, that the productivity gains (project time saving and project cost reduction) achievable over the lifecycle of a project can make implementation of mobile digital solutions worthwhile.

For example, deploying a mobile digital solution, enables construction and real estate organisations and professionals to achieve productivity gains over the lifecycle of a construction project. Gains can be achieved from the project inception through to the construction and operational phases of the development of a built asset.

Make clear documents

Communication is an art. Every informational message that is sent, verbal or not, is interpreted differently depending on the receiver. Interpretations should be reduced to a strict minimum by producing information that can be understood by everyone.

At Script&Go we believe that having structured information in clearly formatted documents, such as progress reports, is the key to improved mutual understanding in any project team.

For example, having a solution that enables construction or real estate organisations to create structured reports allows teams to improve their understanding of project information and progress.

Make exchanges easier

In this technologically-driven world, information transmission has never been so simple. Every solution (using email, the cloud and so on) has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

At Script&Go we suggest you take this into account when specifying your mobile digital solution for your team. Using the cloud enhances the degree of digital collaboration possible on any given project.

For example, having a cloud-based solution enables construction or real estate development organisation teams to receive real-time updates concerning project progress.

Make access to information easier

Your teams require access to information they need at any time.

At Script&Go we believe that it is vital for you to consider a mobile digital solution that will make information available to your team in real-time. Some solutions access to information to be filtered according to collaborators’ project profiles through user permission levels.

For example, having a solution with different user permission levels enables construction or real estate development teams to filter information according to collaborators’ project profiles.

A final word and a few figures

Through these 4 simple ideas Script&Go trusts that you will be able to improve your team communication, that your projects will progress in a more user-friendly environment and that you will be more productive, waste less time and reduce overall costs.

According to recent statistics, currently over 30% of the global population use a smartphone (2.32/7.6 billion in 2017) and over 16% of the global population use a tablet (1.28/7.6 billion in 2017). These figures continue to rise year on year yet only a few business organisations use these new devices among their teams.

Did you know that, at time of writing, just under 40% of construction workers worldwide (72/180 million) still do not yet have a smartphone or tablet for work use? What’s more, of those that do, it’s estimated that only a fraction of this percentage are using a cloud-based solution on a mobile digital device for effective team communication but there is a growing trend for uptake of such solutions in order to improve communication and productivity.

Examples of collaborative software solutions for improving team communication

BatiScript - software and mobile applications in construction







BatiScript is a collaborative software solution by Script&Go, deployable across PCs, tablets and smartphones. It enables project teams to have ways for improving communication and performing work direct from site or in the field: be it construction management, project management, information management, defect/issue management, reporting and so on…

It’s designed to serve the construction, infrastructure and real estate sectors and is easily used by construction managers and professionals to improve quality and provide useful project information in customised structured reports through a clear and paper-less process.

Discover BatiScript and learn how it has been successfully used through BatiScript User Stories.

Batiscript also forms the basis of bespoke, customisable software, offered by us at Script&Go for use by individuals or teams across a range of business sectors and it’s technological components may form part of a specific development.

Site diary -mobile applications in construction

Site Diary

Site Diary

Site Diary is a web application by Script&Go deployable on PCs and in mobility on tablets and smartphones. It is used as a digital journal on construction sites. It enables site managers to have means of improving communication, digitally recording and tracking site events (safety, logistic or weather related), resource use (human and plant), calculating costs and more.

It’s designed to serve the construction and infrastructure sectors and is easily used by both site managers and construction workers to mitigate risk and provide useful information in structured reports through a clear and paper-less process.

Discover Site Diary and learn how it has been successfully used through Site Diary User Stories.