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BatiScript by Script&Go : an innovative solution for quality control

How can you easily improve construction quality (and manage defects)?

The need for improved quality is synonymous with the need for improved productivity. Through high quality outcomes, value can be added and productivity gains made.

For years, improving construction, assembly or installation quality through defect management (deficiency management or snagging) has been one of the most difficult tasks of the construction management process.

In the past defects (deficiencies or snags) had to be located individually on printed sheets, drawings (or plans) with handwritten notes. At the end of each day, information was entered on a computer and then passed to the right team members or subcontractors. This time-consuming operation had many risks (notes are unreadable, drawings (sheets, plans) become lost etc…) and negatively affects overall quality of finished results as a manual process is prone to inaccuracy, omissions and errors.

Are you still performing defect management for inspection, maintenance or commissioning operations manually – the old way – today?

You should no longer have to carry out defect management, defect checklist (punchlist) or markup tasks manually. Digital defect management solutions are here to help professionals such as you carry this out, on site. in the field while mobile.

The BatiScript construction management solution has been designed to respond to the needs of a range of built environment professionals, from property developers or owners, project managers through to contractors, trade or subcontractors and consultants, This solution can assist in improving construction quality through the simplification of task management. Defects (snags or deficiencies) and non-conforming issues can be managed through the use of its defect management, checklist (punchlist) and mark up modules.

Broadly speaking, these are the steps to improving installation quality that are carried out:

  • Using a tablet (and use of a stylus if wished)) you can retrieve drawings (plans or sheets), create a defect checklist (or punchlist) and in a few minutes and digitally annotate drawings (plans or sheets) by adding and locating defects, including photos, and raising issues directly on it and use this information later in your customised defect reports.
  • When you create a defect or mark up an issue, each collaborator can receive the information on his or her tablet and synchronise data via the cloud in real-time.
  • You can also assign tasks to a particular trade or sub-contractor and track their progress.
  • Also by using BatiScript on a smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows), the resolution of defects (snags) and issues by trade or sub-contractors can be performed faster.

As our client survey on the digital transformation of construction shows, you could save between 30%-40% defect (deficiency) management time through using our mobile digital solution. This can substantially increase your productivity.

What’s more, with its intuitive and ergonomic interface, handling the solution is a breeze.

Beyond defect management, BatiScript responds to a plethora of construction management requirements destined to improve quality (and thus facilitate increased productivity).

Apart from the aforementioned Defect Management, Checklist and Mark Up modules, the other components of BatiScript include Document Storage, Drawing Storage, Delivery, Compliance and Report Modules.


Defect Management Software Tutorial

Discover the Defect Management Module of BatiScript in this video.


How can you try the BatiScript defect management software solution ?

Script&Go offers a 30-day free trial of it”s BatiScript software solution to allow you to fully test the defect management solution to meet your quality assurance targets.

During this trial period, a Script&Go representative will give you a live-demo of the product (in person or via Skype), plus an access code to the entire BatiScript feature list.

Start to improve your construction, assembly or installation quality by discussing your particular needs with us or simply starting your 30 day free trial today!