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Testimonial of the Anonymous Society of the Antilles Refinery

The Anonymous Society of the Antilles Refinery, SARA, (a subsidiary of Rubis), called on Script&Go for a specific development mission : to ease the mobile work of its operatives during their inspection missions.

Unit Shutdowns

SARA carries out strict controls every 5 years to verify the state of its pipework and to prevent accidents. These inspections allow them to evaluate the state of corrosion, to repair the installations and to estimate how long is needed to change them. These unit shutdowns last 5 weeks and mobilise 2000 people. In order to optimise team productivity and to maximise operational efficiency, SARA called on Script&Go for a solution that allowed them to follow the traceability of these checks during the shutdowns.

The Script&Go solution

Script&Go developed a solution for isometric diagram markup on tablets.

From these plans, a number of actions are possible for inspection teams :

  • Update request : the user can use a graphical annotation to show the update request.
  • Comment for an external organisation : it’s possible to input text, make a sketch or annotate a photo as notes for external organisations who will carry out measurement work.
  • Inspection report compilation through a digital form
  • Photos : which can be annotated and integrated into the internal report to illustrate certain site defects or be sent to external organisations
  • Dimension Selection : users can display the history of associated dimensions and retain the reference point to be used, detailing the type of dimension (Gamma or US).
  • Electronic signature : the document can be signed directly on the tablet and the name of an associated person added.