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International: Script&Go meets English professionals

Today, Script&Go presents its site management solutions, BatiScript and Site Diary, in Bath, the United Kingdom, during the business breakfast organised by the Low Carbon South West group. We will also be in Cheltenham in order to meet the construction professionals woking on the John Lewis’ mall site.

Our international expansion is getting faster

Script&Go makes its international development evolve. As we already respond to the needs of the Canadian market (with the opening of an office in Canada in November 2015), we’re now heading to the UK.

The launch of the Site Diary app, a site management journal, was a major breakthrough. It enabled us to reinforce our position as professional mobility experts and to offer a larger range of innovative products and services to our national and international clients. Script&Go thus settles down in the UK, in Ireland, in the US and also in Australia!

New borders but the same needs: productivity gain

Script&Go’s solutions are made for all mobile professionals facing the issue of document writing in mobility. We respond to work habits by developping solutions in collaboration with our clients, who introduce us to their daily activities. Thanks to their professional knowledge, our software help them improve their productivity and their working conditions a lot.

What’s our secret to convince professionals to use our solutions? Intuitivity! This is what makes our apps so popular in France as well as abroad. Our software are based on a unique handwriting and drawing recognition technology that enables mobile professionals to enter all their data directly on the tablet, just like they would do on paper.

Enjoy the BatiScript experience for 30 minutes!

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