Customisable construction management software built for PCs, tablets and smartphones

Developed in close collaboration with major industry stakeholders, across multiple sectors BatiScript is perfectly adapted to its users’ business habits and allows them to significantly reduce the challenges they face daily.

A customisable solution in tune with professional needs, BatiScript enables efficient user management, reporting, data administration and task management. It can be used across multiple operating systems throughout the lifecycle of a project.

BatiScript includes a raft of features including: a statistic dashboard for defect/issue status analysis, handover/warranty and compliance/certification modules, document management capability (through document and drawing storage modules), task management capability (through issue markup and defect management modules) for project management, delivery, commissioning and monitoring purposes as well other image and photo editing and signature features.

Professional customisable reports tailored to suit specific stakeholder needs can also be generated and shared, in real-time, to collaborators across their devices.

Handwriting recognition technology is also integrated in tablet applications to assist users further in their digital transformation.

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From paper to digital

Developed in close collaboration with construction stakeholders to address the key concerns of this sector

Key Features

Track your defects at a glance

Defect management allows users to pin defects observed on site to drawings (through coloured markers) and to enrich them with digitised handwritten notes or photos that can be annotated and/or time stamped. Defects are filterable and can be shown in list or map mode.

Written reports on tablets

The BatiScript reporting interface makes it possible to dematerialize progress reports. Using the tablet allows you to take advantage of the camera and the stylus to capture observations directly in the field, but also to send the report (s) in PDF format to all the speakers at the end of the meeting.

Collaborative operation installation

The editing module allows you to add notes to the drawings to suggest changes. It is possible to solicit collaborators to make suggestions for changes. A history allows to keep each version of the plan and its remarks. Edit a PDF and / or Word report instantly set to own and requiring no back-office work.

With you until the GPA phase and maintenance

The delivery module allows tracking of non-conformities during the delivery phase / Perfect Completion Guarantee. It has the same characteristics as the OPR module, besides the user can also enter the contact details of the owner and / or the tenant and the elements delivered on delivery of the property.

All your plans stored on tablet

BatiScript keeps all the necessary plans to follow up your work. Work on large PDF plans with a zoom without loss of quality. Create zones and subfields to group multiple planes together (for example, plans for the same step).

Effective centralization of all your documents

Link to a site all documents necessary for monitoring. These documents can be of various formats (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, JPEG, etc.). Different users can share implementation plans, estimates, invoices, or other documents to the success of the site.

Track your stats effortlessly

BatiScript integrates a dashboard that presents statistics relating to the status of defects observed and captured during construction. Users can consult this easily, at any time and while on the move.

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