Script&Go: development continues and accelerates with 414% growth

The tablet and smartphone software developer continues to develop at great speed. Growth, new recruits and international development: Script&Go tests it’s ambition at the height of its talents.

Script&Go wants to get into top gear. In seven years, the developer has placed itself as one of the undisputable actors of digital mobility. With sustained growth since its creation, the business reveals its ambitions today through increased presence in France and abroad.

Script&Go, sustained growth since its creation

Script&Go was founded in 2011 in Rennes. Seven years later, and after two relocations, the business seeks to expand beyond its walls once again. “Today there are more than 40 collaborators that respond to the needs of over 10000 users! To support our growth, we are considering recruiting 10 more people. Once again we have to seek larger premises,” rejoices Benoît Jeannin, Script&Go CEO.

With 414% growth over the past 3 years from 2014 to 2017, Script&Go is ranked among the Top 300 of the 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 award that rewards technology businesses with strong growth in Europe. This development expresses itself geographically as Script&Go expresses its talents beyond Brittany. It’s French sales team has grown, from the West to the wider Paris region, to the East and is now installing itself in the South (Montpellier). However, not only the company is growing at a rapid rate but the developer is also profitable. We managed to achieve big profit margins over the past 2 years which has helped to enhance the growth of Script&Go. We expect even bigger growth in 2018.

Since its creation, Script&Go has developed by staying true to its values: the desire to help and to give direction. An early adopter in the professional mobility market, Script&Go offers its innovative solutions that accompanies the deployment of tablets in the professional field. The developer is specialised in the digitisation of data and technical documents (forms, drawings, diagrams) in mobile contexts. The firm offers an extension of a workplace on tablets, through the adaption of “work applications” in a tactile or stylus environment.

From the construction or energy sectors to the car and transport industries, Script&Go can assist all businesses that wish to digitise by developing customised software for its clients.

International development that continues with the opening of a new office in the UK

In October 2016 Script&Go announced the opening of a Montreal office. Today the developer confirms its development in Canada with general contractors converted to the tablet tool and a partnership signed with AERMQ in Quebec. Script&Go recently participated at Construct Canada and has confirmed its willingness to open an office in Toronto to address the Ontario market.

Building on its success, Script&Go has entered the UK this year. Since August, its team of developers has worked to adapt its software for the UK market. “There has a been a real demand for this in the UK. We have assembled a marketing and sales team there that will assist us in adapting BatiScript, our construction management software designed particularly for defect management on tablets and smartphones. We are present in Bath and Birmingham. Being there allows us to meet professionals in the UK market and listen to their needs. Listening is at the heart of our trade,” explains Benoît Jeannin, CEO of the Rennes-based firm. Faisal Hamid is the operational lead there as Country Manager.

In parallel, Script&Go has benefitted from the distribution of its site management software, Site Diary to tour the world. In September 2016, when the developer bought the Site Diary technology from Appear Networks, a Swedish company, it’s ambition was already very clear: to export beyond the French borders. That has now been accomplished.

“To be able to suggest Site Diary to our clients is a major step forward for Script&Go. It allows us to reinforce our position as a mobility expert and to offer a larger range of innovative products and services to our national and international clients. It has allowed us to step foot in South Africa, the US, Canada, Australia and of course the UK, where we are opening our third office” explains Benoît Jeannin, Script&Go CEO. Germany will be considered in 2018.

Since acquiring these components, the business has invested in improving the user experience. Seven collaborators work daily in the development and optimisation of the application.

In 2018, a project to unite the two platforms is planned with:

  • A workflow for the process with document storage and drawing management.
  • Modules to bring “defects” alive between different stakeholders, lead consultants (architects, engineers), general contractors and sub-constractors, for it to become the social network for real-estate field workers.
  • A module for event management (time/resources…) for teams in the field and in the office.
  • A module for user experience to measure the quality of completed activities undertaken.

Constant renewal: knowing how to reinvent ourselves each day through innovation

It’s the same for the range of Script&Go software: the features are continuously improved. The aim is to allow data entry to be more comfortable and productive while mobile. The smartphone has become a key element for intuitive data entry and the back-office for data treatment.

Input will become more and more natural, handwritten with a stylus or verbally, with contextualised voice recognition currently in research and development.

Projects will be more numerous in the months to come. Script&Go has been appointed to adapt its platform for a large Gas distributor in order to assist its field technicians with their field based data entry.

Putting multi-OS versions of Script&Go software to market will be accompanied by the addition of handwriting components for smartphones, recourse to new voice recognition technology that allows report dictation and minute dictation for example, but also by the integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM), including virtual intelligent parametric 3D digital models, for public sector projects but with the aim of directing it’s use for maintenance operations for better energy management…this is the direction Script&Go wishes to go.